Schedule a Home Energy Assessment


  •  Schedule your Quick Home Energy Check-up today at NO-COST to you and start saving!
  •  During the appointment your Energy Advisor will review your home’s energy efficiency
  •  Provide a report with recommendations for energy-saving improvements
  •  Find out about other energy efficiency programs you may be eligible for
  •  And install the following energy-saving products:
  • * ENERGY STAR® certified LED bulbs
    * Water heater pipe wrap(s)
    * Efficient-flow showerheads
    * Faucet aerators
    * Smart power strips
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How to save

  •  Select products for available rebates
  •  Verify your eligibility
  •  Review your information and Terms and Conditions
  •  Submit your application and required documentation
  •  Receive your rebate in the mail
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